Are IVF Babies Different From Other Babies

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IVF has no doubt provided a substantial alternative for the couples who cannot conceive without any medical intervention. Many couples around the world has been benefited with the assisted reproduction technique. It is one of the preferred option if they have issues in getting pregnant naturally after a year or more of timely intercourse between the couples, they seek medical help to get rid of the prevailing condition.

Along with its great success, a question comes to the mind of numerous couples about the longevity or health of IVF babies. The eminent IVF specialist Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj says that IVF patients quite frequently seem apprehensive about IVF baby and want more information about the difference or similarity between a child born naturally and the one who gets into this world using one of the assisted reproductive technology which is IVF.

So, in this blog you will get the information about a very common enquiries or apprehension among the couples which is, “Are IVF babies different from other babies?

The Misconception Lies in Different Sections of the Society

It goes without saying that due to lack of proper comprehension regarding In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process, it is commonly observed that couples have several conceived notion about the treatment and its effect on the child begets after the IVF treatment. The issue becomes more prominent and grave, when even the educated class has the same mindset. It is all because they believe that the IVF process and the baby born with the help of this process is not a natural process, but a sophisticated clinical process that involves medical intervention, technical and surgical procedure to produce a child. This is the reason why, they believe on the conceived notion that IVF babies may not be as normal as the a child born naturally.

The statement is 100 percent true that the baby born through IVF process or any other assisted reproductive methods, has gone through some artificial procedure, but it does not determined the fact that the baby born as the successful outcome of the IVF process is not natural and possesses distinctive difference. We need to understand that a baby comes into this world either with IVF process that takes place in the clinical environment and under medical guidance or a baby who get life with natural processes, both have similar physical attribute and emotional and mental capacity, there is hardly any logical or rational difference.

Physical Deformity and ill Health Condition Occur in Natural Birth as Well

Is anybody out there who believes that a child born with natural pregnancy and after 9 months gestation period has never been born with physical deformities, ill-health condition or in some cases, do their live not perish to eternity? This is what you need to understand normal mishappening could occur to any baby, whether he/she born with natural process or with clinical process. Then why should we make a hue and cry over a child born as a result of clinical assistance and medical performances.

How to Tackle the Contradiction?

In order to eliminate the doubt and apprehension that lingers in your mind, you need to be aware of the information and knowledge that is essential to understand the process and the outcome of IVF process. Sometimes, it is difficult to come out of the circumstances which is the result of our self imagination. In this case also people are the victim of their own created imagination. There is not scientific or medical report that stamps the verdict of major difference between a baby born with IVF process and baby born with natural process.

IVF is not a tantalizing ray, but a strong possibility and hope for those who are deprived of parenthood in their life and want to achieve this title in their live with some sort of medical intervention. If there is nothing wrong in approaching to a doctor when you got ill and want medical attention and intervention to cure yourself, then how could it be not as fair as a natural process. It is only a kind of medical source to treat the disease called ‘infertility’.

What is the Difference between IVF and Normal Conception?

Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, who is the founder and director of the Nurture IVF Clinic, explains that she has treated numerous infertility cases and provides those couples a reason to smile in the form of IVF assisted born baby and the couple has no complaint either for whatsoever they have got through this medical miracle.

The only difference or you can say the key difference is that some of the steps of the pregnancy takes place outside the woman’s body. That is why IVF baby is also called test tube baby. The test tube baby takes some medical and artificial assistance to come in this world, whereas, the normal baby born with the help of natural pregnancy and fertilization.

The difference between normal conception and IVF procedure is that in the case of IVF procedure, the egg of the women is fertilized with the male sperm under the laboratory environment and the guidance of skilled and expert IVF Specialist and other assisted staffs at the clinic. The patient is taken extreme care and she is monitored vigilantly throughout the process. Once, after a certain level of embryo growth and when it reaches to the right stage of the development, it is transferred to the uterus of the woman. Once the embryo is placed into the womb, the thereafter the whole process carries on as it would be in a natural pregnancy and birth. After the birth takes place a newborn baby is a same as a through any natural process.

In a nutshell, there is a strong essence in every couple to become a parent. If for some infertility reason they could not conceive naturally and IVF or any other assisted reproductive technology helps them to regain their pride and rescue their identity as a parent of a child, then the procedure is miracle for them. So, anything that drifts your mind to attempt IVF process is futile. It is a modern medical tool for achieving pregnancy and an arsenal to combat infertility.

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