8 Things You Should Know Before Considering IVF

There was a time, when people are quite apprehensive about the IVF. They are quite skeptical about the whole procedure as well as the outcome of the treatment methods. Notwithstanding, the days pass on gradually and in the current scenario, it is one of the popular treatment methods utilized by various couples around the world who have several issues in getting pregnant and delivering a child without any medical intervention. As opined by Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, a reputed IVF specialist and the founder of The Nurture IVF clinic, ” It is a boon for those who could not conceive naturally and without a medical intervention”. She is true to a large extent as IVF has emerged as a popular choice for various infertility problem. Till date a countless women have been successfully treated, who otherwise never be able to conceive of their own.

Infertility is not only the prevailing condition in India, but it permeates to the so called developed nation such as USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and so on. The advance reproductive technology have act as very much game changing and highly sought after everywhere around the world. IVF is considered as one of the most effective and productive treatments of assisted reproductive technology. However, it does not mean that the whole procedure is just like a cakewalk. The IVF treatment procedure involves a plenty of commitment, persistence, roadblock and challenging both emotionally and physically.

If you are also the one who is considering IVF treatment for the solution of your infertility, then you must know more about IVF. Read the eight most important things you should know before embarking on the journey to explore the opportunity to conceive.

1. Know the Facts

Many of us believe that once they will roll in for IVF, the destiny will turn in their favor and the outcome is sure to serve in their favor. However, the reality is little different than the illusion. IVF is not as much successful as many of us believe. According to the research and various surveys that is conducted time to time, it is revealed that in general mere 35 percent of all IVF cycles get successful. Moreover, the live birth has a different ratio of success out of that successful IVF cycle as well.

2. Certain Risk is Associated with IVF Procedure

As I said earlier, the road to a successful IVF procedure and birth of a child is not as easy as it seems to be. There are certain risk associated with the IVF procedure that indicates the how important it is to perform each cycle with great precision, in order to get successful results. From a male perspective, they do not have to sweat a lot and it is considerably easy for them as all they have to do is to provide the sperm for the procedure. It is the woman who have to go through all the medication to boost their egg production that suppresses their natural menstrual cycle which has its own side effects. An overload of hormone injection may lead to a condition called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

3. You Can Conceive Twins

During the IVF procedure, the woman’s eggs are surgically retrieved and then cultured with the man’s sperm in the lab, as a result the embryo develops. In a bid to enhance the chance of implantation in the single cycle, IVF doctor often put in more than one embryo in the uterus. If more than one embryo gets attached, there is a high chance of developing twins.

4. Age Factor Counts

Women of age between 20 to 30 have higher chances of getting a positive return through the IVF process, because their egg production is optimum at that period. Comparatively, the women above 35 years of age have diminishing chance of getting pregnant and deliver a live birth. Moreover, the chance miscarriage also increases after 35 years of age.

5. Stress

The whole process can be stressful for the candidates opting to conceive through IVF procedure. This is the reason why, Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj always encourages the patient to ask questions and be informed about the things you do not know how to handle. Information is the best guide to glide through that stressful period.

If You Feel Moody, It the Hormone

If you are feeling a mood swing during the IVF treatment procedure, it is all due to the influx in hormones. While you are on the course of IVF treatment, you have to go through the frequent doze of hormone injection. It produces some hormonal fluctuations that lead to mood change to the patient. It may be drastic or irritable sometimes.

Side Effects of IVF Shots

During the treatment process the IVF Doctor gives you IVF shots. The IVF shots have some uncomfortable side effects, such as breast tenderness and abdominal bloating. It may also cause bruising at the site, generally in the thighs and stomach. Although, it is not all severe. It is like having PMS symptoms that are expected to go on for the tenure of two weeks or a little less or more.

Financial and Emotion Evaluation

Financial and emotional factors keep rolling in your mind throughout the whole procedure. You have to bear several emotional factors and also required patience to deal with every unsuccessful cycle. Financial aspect cannot be overlooked at all. You have to consistently re-evaluate your financial budget and estimate, as there is no fix cost and budget of the whole treatment procedure that can be procured to you in advance to prepare and estimate your budget.

To summarize what you have grab so far, it is natural to get hopeful and discourage as well at the same time when you are going through IVF procedure. However, apart from the being positive, talking to your healthcare provide or IVF consultant about the infertility problem and possible solutions in detail prior to begin your treatment, may help you to understand the whole procedure and how could you contribute to receive a positive outcome that turn the table in your favor.

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