Can A Lifestyle Choice Impact Your Fertility

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No wonder couples these days are more prone to infertility issues than ever before. The reason being, there are several issues that have emerged over the period of time that is causing infertility problem in men and women, lifestyle is one of them. That is true, you might be thinking that medical factors are the significant reason of infertility, but not all the reasons are necessarily liable to medical factors. Certain lifestyle may affect your fertility to a particular extent.

It goes without saying that we are what we choose. The similar goes with your fertility. Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, a renowned IVF and infertility specialist, reiterates and emphasizes, “In the rapidly changing environment, it is essential for the couples to acclimatize their day to day choices pertinent to their lifestyle in accordance to the facts that provide them protection against the harmful factors that may put obstacles to their dream of conceiving and delivering a baby.”

So far, you must have comprehended that it is quite significant for hopeful couples to indulge in healthy risk-free lifestyle choices while trying to become pregnant. The lifestyle choice, from both men and women part, can play an enormous role in whether or not they become pregnant without having medical intervention and have a healthy baby in their lap. Several couples consult The Nurture IVF, confronted with the similar condition, that deprived them from getting pregnant naturally. However, most of these lifestyle issues can be overwhelmed through a personal choice and amendment in the lifestyle habits.

The prominent lifestyle pertinent issues are listed below that may cause infertility problem in men and women. It is recommended to go through all these issues carefully and further help each other to improve your daily habits.

Lifestyle Related Issues – Female

Take Healthy Diet

This is the first and foremost of all, your diet is everything. Taking healthy and balance diet always contributes immensely in achieving a positive goal, as far as pregnancy is concerned. A healthy and nutrient rich diet always helps your body to perform well during those pregnancy Timely check up days. It is essential to add some nutrient rich foods and diet in your regime, such as fresh fruits and green vegetables and avoid foods that are rich in fat and preservatives

Maintain a Healthy Weight

A healthy weight is invariably one of the most critical things that may impact a woman’s hormone production. Medical practitioner reveals that an overweight and underweight condition may hamper normal ovulation. Apart from it, women who are affected with obesity receive more difficulty in getting pregnant, as compared to a woman who has normal weight. So, ladies your weight also plays an important role in deciding your fertility results.

Timely Check Up

Sometime the infertility factors exist in our body and we are ignorant of it. Subsequently, you explore that the certain infertility factor is residing inside you for a long time which is affecting your infertility. At that time, you only wish, had I gone through scheduled and timely checkup, you would have successfully overcome the hampering infertility factor. Regular visits to your healthcare provider not only help you to detect the infertility issue, but also treat health conditions that might threaten your fertility.

Protect Yourself from STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause infertility factor in women. Thus, it is recommended by Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj to practice safe sex and restrict yourself practicing sex with multiple partners, as it elevates the risk of infected with STDs.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

The habit of smoking and taking alcohol on a regular basis with undermine your chances of getting pregnant naturally later on. It ages woman’s ovaries and depletes her egg prematurely.

Lifestyle Related Issue – Male

Role of Healthy Diet

Diet is everything. Taking a nutritious and healthy diet not only help and promote proper body function, but it also increases the production of healthy sperm. Lack of proper diet and nutrition will lead to poor sperm that ultimately may cause difficulty while trying to conceive.


Stress is the mother of various disease, infertility issue is one of them. A prolonged stress can interfere with the hormones and affect the production of healthy sperm. Sometime, infertility itself leads to stress which is quite common in men. You can get rid of the stress by indulging yourself in regular yoga and meditation practice. Apart from it, regular exercise of anywhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour is also quite effective in combating and reducing stress from day to day life.

Smoking and Intake of Alcohol

It has become a serious and growing trend in our community. Even a large number of youth from so called educated background is found indulge in smoking and taking alcohol. It is quite a dangerous sign, as far as their fertility issue as well as other health related issues are concerned. It is better to avoid them completely for a better fertility in your life.

Avoid Environmental Exposure

Any environmental exposure such as chemical, radiation, pollution, etc. can lead to infertility factors. Several men working in a plant or industry where they are bound to work under the radiation or toxic environment. They must adhere to strict safety measure if they do not want such chemical to affect their fertility. Apart from it, various herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other chemical have potential harmful effects that may causes low and poor sperm count as well as the sperm’s ability to attach with the egg during the fertilization process.

In a nutshell, if you are planning to become pregnant, at the same time concerned about the impact of your lifestyle choice on your fertility, the eminent IVF and fertility specialist, Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj strongly recommends to consult your healthcare provider and discuss how you can get rid of the impact of lifestyle choice issues and save your fertility being contaminated by its harmful factors. The fertility specialist will definitely assist you to ameliorate your fertility and enhance your chances of getting pregnant and deliver a baby successfully.

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