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Blastocyst Transfer 

Blastocyst Transfer Implantation | Blastocyst Transfer IVF

The process of embryo transfer into the womb of the patient is more often than not done after five days of egg retrieval process at our clinic. This process is also known as Blastocyst transfer. We at Nurture IVF make sure that it should be followed with strict measures and it has been the part of our IVF procedure practice for more than five years. The whole credit of this process goes to the advancement of technology in recent past which brings forth higher possibilities to improve the success rate that we usually get from the procedure like IVF and ICSI. Thus blastocyst transfer procedure has vastly contributed to the success of conception and delivery of IVF baby.

How will the patient get maximum advantage from Blastocyst transfer?

Usually, embryos can be cultured in laboratory incubator up to six days and not all the embryos survive till the stage of blastocyst culture. Through this procedure, it is easier to select the potential embryos that are available for transfer. At first the IVF doctor look for three days after the egg collection process to get best quality embryo(s), if ample number of embryos are not available till the third day, they delayed it for 5 to 6 days. After that one or two potential embryo(s) is transferred to the womb to get maximum advantage of the whole IVF procedure and achieve pregnancy.

How many Blastocyst Transfers is ideal for every patient?

Patients procuring Blastocyst Transfers in our centre will only be able to procure a total of two Blastocysts transferred. Because it is indicated in published data that the chances of pregnancy following the transfer of Blastocysts are high, multiple transfers may result in multiple pregnancy.

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