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Assisted Embryo Hatching with IVF:

Assisted Hatching (AHA) is an Advanced Reproductive Technique used in conjunction with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to enhance the probability of successful embryo implantation. Assisted Hatching is generally advised to women undergoing IVF.

  • Generally, women who are 37 years or older are generally advised for Assisted Hatching.
  • When a thickened zonae or fragmentation are noted in a prior or current IVF cycle, the women is advised Assisted Hatching regardless of her age.
  • In certain cases, Assisted Hatching maybe advised when normal embryo development occurs in prior IVF attempts without positive pregnancy results.

Assisted Hatching Procedure

Assisted Hatching is routinely performed to every patient on transfer day (three to five days) after the Egg Retrieval process (ER). A laser system is utilized to create a small opening in the ZonaPellucida(the outer membrane of the fertilized egg) in our laboratory for the AHA process. With a micromanipulation microscope, this opening will assist in the hatching process of the embryo, which is why it is appropriately termed as “Assisted Hatching”. All embryos must hatch properly prior to the implantation in the uterine wall. The assisted embryos are then transferred to the patient’s uterus in a normal Embryo Transfer.