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Gamete Donation

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Egg donor program, the patient has to provide nearly 10 to 20 mature eggs for reproduction process. These donor eggs has been utilized by the IVF doctor to during IVF procedure to attain pregnancy. The eggs are fertilized with the sperm in a culture dish under the laboratory environment. As far as the unfertilized eggs are concern, they are frozen and preserved for future IVF cycle.

When should one decide to go for gamete donation:


There can be number of factors when the patient can choose gamete donation program to achieve pregnancy. When, owing to some certain infertility factors, the female partner is not able to get pregnant and produce her own genetic child. It occurs when her own eggs are not viable enough to produce pregnancy. In some cases, the woman's egg is viable enough to produce pregnancy, however due to some medical conditions the situation does not permit the doctors to advice them to do so and opting for IVF with her own eggs is not financially feasible. This situation is not always based on advanced reproductive age but it takes place quite often in couples. Woman who experience menopause at an early age in their 20s are more likely to be unable to conceive her own genetic child. In addition to that, some women are born without ovaries while some women's reproductive organs have been damaged or surgically removed due to diseases and other anatomical complications.

In other situation when you should opt for gamete donation is when there is a risk of genetic disorder on the part of woman which could lead her towards infertility

or it would be potentially dangerous for any offspring; problems that can be circumvented by using eggs from another woman. In many woman, these issues are absent in them, but continue to be unsuccessful with their own eggs because they have undiagnosed fertility and thus turn to donor eggs or donor embryos.

The success of the procedure will vary depending upon the age of the eggs, the retrieval process, semen quality in male as well as the comprehensive health condition of woman is included. In a usual condition eggs of young donor are preferred for the success of the procedure. 48% of woman who undergo the procedure of egg donation will be able to conceive a child. But unfortunately, more than 15% of women will experience miscarriage during the pregnancy.