Impact Of Lifestyle Changes On Fertility

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For all those who are not aware about the connection between lifestyle habits and fertility, let me tell you explicitly that lifestyle factors have had a vigorous impact on the general health as well as the individual capacity to reproduce.

It goes without saying that the birth of a new child in your family brings so much joy and happiness, that is what exactly we all want to achieve after the marriage. However, it is also a fact that some couples find it hard to get pregnant and deliver a baby naturally. Such condition is defined as the body’s biological inability to conceive. The reason could be associated with several lifestyle changes in the individuals that head them towards the path of infertility issues.

Effect of Lifestyle Pertinent Habit on Fertility of Male & Female

Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj, an experienced and highly reputedĀ Infertility Specialist in Delhi, who is also the Director of the Nurture IVF Clinic, explains that there can be a number of reasons that brings forth the potential cause of infertility in both the gender. The reason in male could be dominated by varicocele, low sperm count, low quality of sperm, sperm abnormality, sperm impairment or some other diseases as well. In females, it may give rise to the problem of ovulation, uterine problem, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, blocked or impaired fallopian tubes, stress, age, and so on.

Health Risk Factors

Lifestyle and general habits such as use of alcohol, smoking and obesity is obstructing the fertility of the couples like never before. One of the reason why such things are transpiring with speedy rate is the fact that the young generation is likely to be affected and involved in such activities, without knowing about their dire consequences in later part of their life. For example, Smoking is very common these days, especially in your upper class or upper middle class. You can easily find both male and female addicted to such harmful habit of smoking. Apart from the its potential to affect the fertility of both male and female, it also erupts the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The risk factor associated with the obesity is even more, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer as well. Whether it is obesity, smoking or taking alcohol, drugs and tobacco, there is an increasing evidence that such lifestyle habits and factors have a huge impact on the reproductive system as well as reproductive performance. Especially, women impair their chances of conception if they are addicted to smoking or drinking.

How to Improve Male Fertility?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and remaining both physically and mentally must be the first requirement for human beings, regardless of any goal you are following. Similarly getting pregnant also require healthy sperm in men. However, the sperm will only be as healthy as your physical and internal health is. Here is the significant guideline facilitated by Nurture IVF Clinic’s Director and a prestigious infertility specialist, Dr Archana Dhawan Bajaj:

Stay Away from Smoking

For very simple, if you bear in mind that smoking reduce your the sperm count in men drastically. Not only that, it also brings down the quality of sperm as well which ultimately make them incompetent to penetrate the egg during fertility period.

Taking Alcohol Makes no Sense at All

We could not handle the fact, despite knowing how harmful it is why people take it, and almost in excessive quantity sometime which is strictly prohibited, not only for the impairment it does to your ability to conceive but also very dangerous for your overall health as well. In addition, it reduces your sperm count, lower your testosterone level and may cause erectile dysfunction. Stop this and improve your fertility or drink on your own risk.

Reduce Weight

People who are trying to conceive must keep one thing in mind that maintaining an ideal weight can help them a lot in conceiving as well as during the pregnancy term as well. There are plenty studies that show obesity is affecting male fertility in many ways. It may cause hormonal changes that is not good for fertility. It reduces the sperm count in your body and also drops down sperm motility.

Do not Stress

In some circumstances, it may be inevitable, but taking unnecessary stress in every little issue will not to pay you from anywhere. Studies shows the fact that less stressful life maintains your hormonal balance and sperm health as well.

Practice Safe Sex

Practicing unprotected sex with multiple partner may cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that can harm your fertility.

How to Improve Female Fertility?

Healthy lifestyle changes as well as choices before, during and after pregnancy are extremely significant for women. There are certain lifestyle choices that can improve women fertility, such as:

Maintain Your Weight

Overweight or underweight, both the condition are not good for your fertility. Such women may crop ovulation problem. Normal ovulation does not require any rocket science, just maintain a healthy BMI.

Do not Consume Alcohol

It is completely prohibited for those women who are trying to conceive. It disturbs your ovulation process.

Ban Smoking

This new trend in women is leading them towards the ditch of infertility. Most of the women indulge in smoking might not know about harmful effect of smoking for the fertility, so making such women privy to of such information is also important.

Safe Sex, Save Your Fertility

If you indulge yourself in unprotected sex with multiple partner, it will increase your risk of getting chlamydia, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases. The infection of such disease may permanently damage your fallopian tubes and uterus.

Say “No” to Drug or Caffeine

Either you want to maintain your fertility or on the verge to conceive, drug must be a big no for you. The intake of caffeine can also be harmful for you. So try to avoid the intake of drug and caffeine.

A little compromise and certain lifestyle changes, sometimes, can make the world of difference for your fertility. Stick to these lifestyle changes and boost your fertility.

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