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Blastocyst Transfer 

Blastocyst Transfer Implantation | Blastocyst Transfer IVF

At our centre, embryos are usually transferred back into the womb five days after eggs have been effectively collected. For the last five years, this has been the routine practice at The Nurture IVF. With the advancement of embryo culture media, it has been demonstrated that there is a high possibility to ameliorate the success of IVF and ICSI treatment by transferring the embryo at day five or six after the eggs are collected. This pre-implantation of embryos are called as Blastocyst.

Patients who will benefit from a Blastocyst Transfer:

The decision to transfer blastocyst largely depends upon the number and the quality of embryos that are available following three days after the collection of the egg. If the best two embryos for embryo transfer are not availed to the doctor after three days, the transfer process will be delayed into day 5 or day 6 as the embryos rapidly develop into good quality after more than 3 days. The embryo transfer procedure is always the same.

How many Blastocyst Transfers is ideal for every patient?

Patients procuring Blastocyst Transfers in our centre will only be able to procure a total of two Blastocysts transferred. Because it is indicated in published data that the chances of pregnancy following the transfer of Blastocysts are high, multiple transfers may result in multiple pregnancy.

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